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Reducing harm from conflict

Our Purpose

Conflict Insights is a mediation and conflict advisory service. Our purpose is to reduce the harm that conflict has on people. There are situations where conflict can be positive – for example, flushing out and presenting opportunities to resolve issues causing problems. But, often, conflicts can have a deeply disruptive and distressing effect on those involved directly and those who suffer the consequences of others’ conflict.

Our Values

Our Mission

Delivering effective conflict management and resolution.


Philippa Brown

A CEDR-accredited mediator, Pip founded Conflict Insights to work on reducing the harm that conflicts have on individuals, both internationally and at home. Pip provides expertise to a range of clients including UK government, European Union, development agencies and think-tanks. She routinely receives excellent feedback from clients for delivering strong results and for her collaborative, empathetic approach, building and enhancing relationships that have become fractious and dysfunctional in many conflict-affected countries, including Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan. 

Pip also uses the experience and skills she developed working in international conflict environments to reduce the negative effects of conflicts closer to home. She offers mediation, conflict coaching and training to businesses, public sector organisations and multilateral bodies. Pip works as a mediator and trainer for UK Mediation and TCM – both leading resolution consultancies.  She also works as a mediator for the Brighton & Hove Independent Mediation Service, focused on workplace and community disputes and conflict coaching.

Pip is practical, calm and incisive. She works flexibly to create a problem-solving and transformational framework for parties to achieve a result that each is happy with. Pip has a track record of collaboratively supporting a wide range of stakeholders and clients at all levels, building rapport in a very natural way to understand their concerns and working through to a positive conclusion. She is often praised for her ‘calm authority’, which she uses effectively to maintain an effective environment for constructive discussions. 

If you’d like to know more about Pip’s international conflict work, you can find more details on LinkedIn – or get in touch to hear more.