Reducing harm from conflict

Conflicts have a deeply disruptive and distressing effect on the people involved and those who suffer the consequences of others’ conflict.

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We offer mediation (civil, commercial and workplace) and conflict coaching to individuals. We also provide expert advice on strategic and operational challenges for conflict policy and programmes. Areas of expertise covered include counter violent extremism, counter terrorism, security sector reform, stabilisation and programme design and delivery. International experience includes Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Lebanon.


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Philippa Brown

Philippa (Pip) has built her career working on conflict issues. She has a long-standing interest in understanding why and how conflicts arise, what drives conflict and what is really happening underneath the surface of often very entrenched positions. Pip's strong reputation internationally as an incisive thinker and problem solver is based on her ability to deliver creative results in often very difficult conditions with challenging stakeholders. She routinely receives excellent feedback from clients for delivering strong results and for her collaborative, empathetic approach, which builds and enhances relationships that have become fractious and dysfunctional in many conflict-affected countries, including Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan. Clients have included UK government, European Union, development agencies and think-tanks.
Philippa Brown

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