Reducing harm from conflict

Conflicts have a deeply disruptive and distressing effect on the people involved and those who suffer the consequences of others’ conflict.

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Conflicts cost. They carry a financial and an emotional weight. Workplace conflict costs employers £30bn a year, according to Acas. Conflicts can also have a deeply disruptive and distressing effect on the people involved. Staff turnover represents the largest conflict expense to business, as nearly half a million workers resign every year over disputes.
But conflicts don’t always have to cost this much. We can help you sort issues out early, before they escalate. This can save you time, money and stress.

“Conflict is inevitable, combat is optional.”

Max Lucado
We work with businesses, public sector organisations, charities and individuals to resolve existing conflicts and disputes, allowing those involved to move on. We also support organisations to manage the dynamics between staff, managers, partners etc in a way that allows issues to be aired and managed, before they escalate, helping you to recruit and retain the brightest and the best.

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We help you mitigate conflict risks and catch issues before they escalate through


Conflict resolution training for staff and managers


Conflict coaching


Dispute resolution advice


Enabling challenging discussions to take place

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